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Todays is feast of St. Raymond of Penyafort, a priest and Dominican intellectual who live upto his old-age 100 years . 

I think its best to quote what I am reading at the moment:

"St. Raymond’s life shows an admirable synthesis of traditional piety and devotion,  service to the Church, obedience to his superiors, love of theology, dedication to his Order, and respect and love for the law. To know, love, and follow the law is not contrary to charity. When kept, the law promotes charity and protects the weak, the poor, and the ignorant from being taken advantage of. It takes very smart and holy people to protect simple people and bad people from themselves. Saint Raymond was smart and holy. He laid his gifts at the altar of God, and God used those gifts splendidly."

I'm on my 43 years now going to 44 this September 2019. When i was a young "activist" / "leftist" guy I used to think that I wont last upto 40 because I'm offering my life to a very "worthy" cause. A reckless indeed if evaluating today what my thoughts on  age 20s days. A really reckless one. If something negative happens before, I wont have 2 kids and lovely wife who despite of struggles financial and emotional still stick together.  That recklessness might wont let me see what my father and mother was experiencing when they struggle for us to finish our undergrad studies with my other 5 siblings. 

I would like to thank whatever I have receive today. Making me realize my mistakes, see the blessings and graces few years . I would like to thank my Mother, Our Lady of Perpetual Help help guiding me to the right path with Him her son.

I might be a spec of small dust in this world but I am sure with His help, with the prayes of all saints and Mother, with St. Raymond, i hope to contribute more to help my fellow lighten whatever they are facing right now. 

St. Raymond, teach us to see the law of God and the law of the Church as one harmonious law meant to foster true communion among men and true communion between God and men. May God’s law be our law. And may the law never be an obstacle to true love and devotion. St Raymond, pray for us.

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There is 2 distinct idea that I have encountered during my highschool days on how are we going to respond the invitation of Jesus Christ in our lives. One is the acceptance of Lord and Saviour and the other is the total surrender to Him. My cathechist in Campus Evangelization, my fav Catholic organization in school, introduces to me the latter - and I prefer that one- the total surrender. 

Todays Gospel deals with that I believe. When His apostles notices that its getting dark and there are still lots of people around with them listening, they are bit worried on the situation. This is deserted place, they say, and these people needs to be dismissed to let them find food on nearby villages and farms. Later in the story it goes that this happens one of the great miracle performed by Him feeding the people  from 5 loaves and 2 fish. 

When deciding to accept this invitation, there is a level of intensity it requires for each of the respondent. Intensity of our trust and faith that despite of all odds He will lead us on our journey with Him. Also I may have failed from time to time but It always go back to the question on how I trust Him.

Of course this is not a bit on being irresponsible, where I neglect my duty to my family and waiting for miracle to happen but In the context of being with HIm on how I invite him on my daily chores together with His instruction.  The struggle to survive is real of course, we knew here especially these time, financially for some of us, or for some our health and emotions its hard but I still believe that He wont abandon us and He will stay with us until our final return on His home.

Kindly join me in the prayer - Lord, my trust in You at times is weak.  At times I doubt Your goodness and Your providence in my life.  Help me to always trust more in Your gentle invitation than in my own conclusions in life.  Help me to be led by You always so as to live daily in accord with Your perfect plan.  Jesus, I trust in You

God bless us all. Good evening.

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