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Tomorrows Gospel is about the Lord's sermon on the mount on Beautitudes. I often remember the song of Dong Abay Mateo Singko but this is Gospel of Luke in the readings. The same scene where Lord teaches and preaches on the beatitudes. 

My readings on this says - 

Though it would be worth it to spend time on each and every one of the Beatitudes and to try to apply them to our lives, it’s also helpful to look at the more general fact that Jesus does not call us to mediocrity; rather, He calls us to the heights of perfection.  It is within those heights that our souls find the greatest reward.

Try to put your eyes upon the ideals of the Christian life.  If you aim for anything less, you run the risk of actually attaining that lower goal.  But if you put your eyes upon the high calling of the Beatitudes, then you will find that our Lord will continually draw you closer to His heart, cleansing you, strengthening you, filling you with more faith, hope and love, and bringing you to an increasingly blessed level of holiness.  It’s worth it to aim for the ideal!

We are all called for holiness. Each one of us. It is sad and depressing, Dong Abay says it clearly in tagalog - Mahirap maging mahirap - but we are called beyond our material needs. He was in-fact offered Himself as our greatest sacrifice to see that we must accept whatever challenge our faith may require and work hard for our holiness. 

Id like to end this with my fav verse memorized during cathechism days

Matthew - 16:24 - If any of you want to come with me, you must forget yourself, carry your cross, and follow me.

God bless everyone.


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