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"Work" early, sleep late
Message in FB, Browse FB
20 Task on list, Left untouch
Do some errands for 4 hours
Read some materials for etc and etc
Do some readings
Do codewars
Post on Tabulas
Read again

No output

No work

No answer for complaining wife

No happiness

To Nothingness..

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Pain a temporary thing
Depressing as it seems
Life still holds surprises
And our hopes still remains

That someday 
Me, my family will be on the glory
That I can help my father & mother
That I can accompany my brothers and sisters

Financial difficulty nowadays
Is seems to be abundant
You are tested upto the breaking point
Of how big is your storage of endurance

Yet despite of all frustrations
When we look to the suffering servant
We cant deny that he suffers and humiliated
More than enough

He is a gift for this advent
Hope we too be the gift for others
Sharing the life and blessings
So we stay on course 

Going home in the future
With Him. 

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St John the Apostle
The youngest of the twelve
Standing below the Cross
With Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Help me and pray with me
My life is like bearing of crosses just like you
when you see Him suffering at the cross

Pray with me to understand also the 
Bitterness and harshness of life may bring

You train St Polycarp, St. Irenaeus, St. Ignatius of Antioch
Help me to be a better life student
Learning the lifes Gospel and blessing He brings

Help me to see His sacrifice 
So we may see Him and joyfully praise and worship 
Him in the future in Heaven

You are known traditionally to live up to old age
up to 98 AD and seeing the church grow and spread
Let me be a good student of yours and our Mother

Happy Feast Day, joining the rest of the community of saints and angels

Pray for me and my family
Pray for me with my Mother, Our Lady , the Arc of Covenant

Glory be to the Father, into the Son, and Of the Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end - Amen.

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Todays martyr and saint is St. Thomas Becket
Gospel today is also about the Phrophet Simeon who is happy to  see the Holy Child and Simeon says he can now go in peace for he has already seen the salvation the God is preparing for his people. This 2 people who has seen the big miracle that the Lord gave is very happy to offer their life in return. 

May i have the same courage not to give up hope despite this lifes hardship and gladly offer myself to try and push back more to make my family happy and hopeful also.

Posted by kadjo on December 29, 2018 at 05:56 AM | Add a Comment

When I think of the Holy Family, the first image that will come into my mind is their travel trying to evade the soldiers of Roman who will be killing the child. Riding in the horse/donkey, walking ardously.  This might be in the first few months before settling in and the danger dies down. 

My family , me as a lead hopes to imitate the way the push back with the grace and blessings against those trials and lifes hardship.

I would like to end todays post with this prayer - "Please come and sanctify my family, making it holy in imitation of your family in Nazareth.  Jesus, I trust in You."

God blesses us all.

Posted by kadjo on December 30, 2018 at 10:12 AM | 2 comments
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