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Today is St Patricks day the Bishop of Ireland, one-man-forthress against various paganism in the early Ireland in his missionary days.

Gospel also talks about Jesus transfiguration in the presence of the three apostle. 

I have my 5 days a sort of vacation in my parents house there in South Cotabato, thanks to my lovely wife for allowing me to do so.  I have to walk all the way from my parents house to farm, its a 5 kilometers walk encountering those people that i known there, talk with them early in the morning, because I have to walk there at around 5am. A sort of rest day for me although i still have to work online as my regular schedule. 

In the Gospel, the three apostle had to endure a walk and have to climb the mountain and maybe wondering why they have to do so. At the end of the journey, they were so overwhelmed to see the splendor of being with God. I believe that moment stays with them forever and that they have to share that moment, informing us that we belong on the glorious place with God.  

The reading I have shared this: 

"So why did Jesus give these Apostles this very brief experience of His glory?  Because they would need that taste of His goodness for the road ahead.  They would need to forever remember what their final destiny was.  They would need to hold this experience close as they endured the many crosses and sufferings ahead.  And they would use this experience to remind themselves that whatever they had to endure on the journey up the mountain of life is worth it.  Because on the summit is a glory so great that no hardship they would have to endure would ever prove to be too big."

The long and ardous journey in the life of the apostles ended their life very fruitful, thus we have our Catholic church.  St. James, the first apostle to be martyred, died in beheading in 44 AD by Herod. St. Peter was crucified downward by Nero,  13 October AD 64. From the three who witness the transfiguration, the only left to die naturally is St. John the Evangelist -  St. John of Patmos.  All of them lead a good life, die a good death although some were violently and helps our Church endure up to this moment. 

May we find our life very worthy of enduring whatever struggles we are facing at the moment. Lets look forward for that glorious day with Him.  Like the apostles who witness the transfiguration, like St. Patrick the missionary in Ireland, let the glorious moment they see, gives us more hope to our future place and the end of our life.

God blesses us all. 

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My PLDT fibre line is off again, this is 5th time this year that the internet that I'm subscribing with is off and a bit frustrating since you've paid enough, trust them they can help you on this online job. I have a backup line pre-paid globe wifi which I'm loaded few weeks ago and also a prepaid smartbro. Funny both of them is crawling :D but at least it allows me to post this.

Todays Gospel starts with the word of Dear Jesus to all, "If anyone wants to come with me, he must forget himself carry his cross and follow me." I've been memorizing this though I dont know the verse number of that word but it still reminds me. As the Catholics enter this lenten season, reflecting on those words that every actions of our life , mine especially, calls to be with him whatever the decisions that needs to do. Only through him, I will be prosperous.

"What profit is there for one to gain the whole world,yet lose or forfeit himself?" - indeed.

Somebody quoted this long ago, I think some priest-turned-rebel in Visayas who quoted this.  I dont know what happened to that guy but judging on what is currently happening on the communist movement, its seems a very frustrating path to go, and seems hopeless.

Faith with Him that we holds is always full of hope. And I see for myself the various miracles of life, even to the smallest happening in my life.

This event of not having a good internet, I just dont know, but there are positive things that you will only see once you see the other side of the event.

Id like to quote V.I. Lenin, one of the name in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement, "I made a mistake. Without doubt, an oppressed multitude had to be liberated. But our method only provoked further oppression and atrocious massacres. My living nightmare is to find myself lost in an ocean of red with the blood of innumerable victims. It is too late now to alter the past, but what was needed to save Russia were ten Francis of Assisi’s"

I hope and pray that our nation Philippines stays in course with Him, sharing the blessings this life. God blesses us all.

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Tomorrows Gospel is about the Lord's sermon on the mount on Beautitudes. I often remember the song of Dong Abay Mateo Singko but this is Gospel of Luke in the readings. The same scene where Lord teaches and preaches on the beatitudes. 

My readings on this says - 

Though it would be worth it to spend time on each and every one of the Beatitudes and to try to apply them to our lives, it’s also helpful to look at the more general fact that Jesus does not call us to mediocrity; rather, He calls us to the heights of perfection.  It is within those heights that our souls find the greatest reward.

Try to put your eyes upon the ideals of the Christian life.  If you aim for anything less, you run the risk of actually attaining that lower goal.  But if you put your eyes upon the high calling of the Beatitudes, then you will find that our Lord will continually draw you closer to His heart, cleansing you, strengthening you, filling you with more faith, hope and love, and bringing you to an increasingly blessed level of holiness.  It’s worth it to aim for the ideal!

We are all called for holiness. Each one of us. It is sad and depressing, Dong Abay says it clearly in tagalog - Mahirap maging mahirap - but we are called beyond our material needs. He was in-fact offered Himself as our greatest sacrifice to see that we must accept whatever challenge our faith may require and work hard for our holiness. 

Id like to end this with my fav verse memorized during cathechism days

Matthew - 16:24 - If any of you want to come with me, you must forget yourself, carry your cross, and follow me.

God bless everyone.


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There is 2 distinct idea that I have encountered during my highschool days on how are we going to respond the invitation of Jesus Christ in our lives. One is the acceptance of Lord and Saviour and the other is the total surrender to Him. My cathechist in Campus Evangelization, my fav Catholic organization in school, introduces to me the latter - and I prefer that one- the total surrender. 

Todays Gospel deals with that I believe. When His apostles notices that its getting dark and there are still lots of people around with them listening, they are bit worried on the situation. This is deserted place, they say, and these people needs to be dismissed to let them find food on nearby villages and farms. Later in the story it goes that this happens one of the great miracle performed by Him feeding the people  from 5 loaves and 2 fish. 

When deciding to accept this invitation, there is a level of intensity it requires for each of the respondent. Intensity of our trust and faith that despite of all odds He will lead us on our journey with Him. Also I may have failed from time to time but It always go back to the question on how I trust Him.

Of course this is not a bit on being irresponsible, where I neglect my duty to my family and waiting for miracle to happen but In the context of being with HIm on how I invite him on my daily chores together with His instruction.  The struggle to survive is real of course, we knew here especially these time, financially for some of us, or for some our health and emotions its hard but I still believe that He wont abandon us and He will stay with us until our final return on His home.

Kindly join me in the prayer - Lord, my trust in You at times is weak.  At times I doubt Your goodness and Your providence in my life.  Help me to always trust more in Your gentle invitation than in my own conclusions in life.  Help me to be led by You always so as to live daily in accord with Your perfect plan.  Jesus, I trust in You

God bless us all. Good evening.

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