A sense of achievement A free ebook hehe but i'm happy to receive this one. I've been reading a lot of wikipedia story but this is much more than wikipedia.

I'm reading the "About Fathers" chapter in the book currently. I'll be happy to share this one here soon.

God blesses us all!

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I have 2 books here written by the man of God, the late father Frank Mihalic. He is a priest same with father Mario Rasonabe congregation in Papua New Guinea. I've heard from my friends there that father Mihalik used to live in Madang University campus in Madang. Its a bit refreshing in all those years, I remember our community way back then in PNG, those who live once there, some of my friends also even passed away, those were the years where I encounter the sense of community of people living in prayer. Life as an overseas worker is difficult but having them meeting them along the way makes you think you still have some people with you who will walk with you in prayer life.

The story of ascencion of our Lord should give as a sense of joy despite of difficulties in life. And He really has ascended and prepare our place. It is up to us to claim it and continue living in His grace and prayerful life, and follow all of His will.  Each of us have our on crosses to carry. I hope that by sharing, all of us knows that He has walk in this life and will walk with us in our life especially in our difficulties. He is aware of that and he felt what we have felt when we felt hopeless.   

I've read the book i've bought whenever i see it on my shelf. Heres one of the story in the book "1000 stories you can use" of father Mihalik:


A little boy always wanted to visit the place where heaven and earth meet. He could see it quite plainly from his mothers cottage and he thought the place where heaven canme down to earth must be very beautiful.

With his eyes fixed on the horizon, the "meeting place of heaven and earth", he began, one day to walk. He walked on and on until he became very tired. He found himself in the valley where the horizon lay hidden from view. A cottage was near, and woman was tanding in the door. He told her of his quest, and she pointed out a house not so very far awway.

"There it si ", she said, "only hurry; it will soon be dark." He hurried on and was soom climbing the hill that led to his own home. And there in the doorway was his mother waving him a greeting.

"My own home," he thought to himself, "the place where heaven and earth meet".

God blesses us all.

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This is from Catholic Daily Reflection. 

“This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”  1 Cor. 11:24

We begin, today, the Triduum – the three great celebrations of our Catholic Faith.  Yes, there are numerous celebrations that take place throughout the year.  But these three celebrations are the heart of our faith and are the culmination of all of our worship.  We begin today with the celebration of the Lord’s gift of the Most Holy Eucharist given through the priesthood He instituted.  Tomorrow we enter into the mystery of His Crucifixion.  Saturday after sundown we enter into the glory of His Resurrection.

On Holy Thursday evening, we begin the Triduum with the commemoration of the Last Supper.  This event in history, which took place as a Passover meal shared with Jesus and His Apostles, begins the gift that brings us salvation.

On Holy Thursday, we hear the Lord say for the first time, “This is my body that is for you.”  We hear Him point to the gift of the Holy Eucharist as His gift to us, given for our holiness and fulfillment.  It’s a gift we will never be able to fathom or comprehend.  It’s the gift of His complete self-giving and sacrificial love.

If we could only understand the Eucharist!  If we could only understand this precious and sacred gift!  The Eucharist is God Himself, present in our world, and given to us to transform us into that which we consume.  The Eucharist, in a real way, transforms us into Christ Himself.  As we consume the Holy Eucharist we are drawn into the divine life of the Most Holy Trinity.  We are made one with God and are given the food of eternity.   

On that first Holy Thursday, Jesus also offered an example of the perfect humility and service that we are called to imitate as we become one with Him.  He washed the feet of His Apostles so as to teach them and us that His Body and Blood are given so as to enable us to love as He loved.  The Eucharist transforms us into true servants who are called to humility.  We are called to humble service of others.  This service will take on various forms but it is what we are called to.  

Do you serve those around you?  Do you humble yourself before others to care for their most basic needs?  Do you show them you love them by your actions?  This is at the heart of Holy Thursday.  Humble service is a beautiful expression of our own intimate union with the Son of God.

So often, true “greatness” is misunderstood.  Greatness is often perceived with a secular understanding of success and admiration.  Too often we want others to admire our accomplishments.  But Jesus offers another view of greatness.  On Holy Thursday, He shows that true greatness is found in this humble act of service.  Imitating Him requires that we surrender our pride.  And this is made possible when we consume the Holy Eucharist with faith.  The Eucharist enables us to love and serve others in this humble way.  And that love and service is an act that will win the hearts and souls of others for the Kingdom of God.

As we celebrate Holy Thursday, we are all challenged to ponder our humility and to commit ourselves to a radical and total gift of self to others.  

Reflect, this night, upon whether or not you imitate the humility of our Lord.  Are you committed to seeking ways in which you can serve others, showing them you love and care for them?  Let Holy Thursday transform you so that you can imitate the great love that Jesus offered us on this glorious night.

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Good morning, today is 4 April 2019, feast of St. Isidore, the last of the Latin Fathers whom the writings for us and our future are so gold that endures upto this moment. In 1997, Pope Saint John Paul II named him the Patron Saint of the Internet.

I like the story at the last moment of St. Isidore as Archbishop of Seville, Spain. He was in his 70s when died four years after the death of Mohammad in Saudi Arabia. There was a strong campaign to both Christian and Muslim before. 75 years after the death of St. Isidore and Mohammad, the campaign on Muslim sides took a toll by dominating the former Christian regions in North Africa from Egypt, Libya,  Algeria and Morocco, - of course , these were modern names, they have different names before. They are now crossing the Strait of Gibraltar and going to Europe starting with Spain. Centuries later (1492), the spanish reconquest of their former Christian dominated place, the last stronghold Granada fell and was return to Christianity.  The conquest was drove strongly by faith not by patriotism. You will see that both believe they were right. To quote " In the end, the nation St. Isidore created was the stronger and drove Mohammed’s heirs back over the waters to Africa. St. Isidore’s enormous legacy was a Catholic nation, and it prevailed".

I am thankful for St. Isidore today, thanks for the gift of faith, without him there wont be a Catholic faith brought here in Philippines.

Todays Gospel is about our Lord Jesus Christ as a testimony of His Fathers love. Its not about His miracles for some of those who witness personally there during His time remained stubborn enough refusing to believe His Divinity.  It is His pureness on His love towards us, - His humble and genuine love for us.

May we also in return offer ourselves genuinely for others and be a witness being a Christian to the world. Like St. Isidore also, may we shine brightly and our witnessing bring forth a great nation a great world in preparation for His glory.

God blesses us all.

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For calling priest "father" - https://www.catholic.com/tract/call-no-man-father

For calling priest "father" -
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