This is just some sort of review on what happened so far.

Pandemic is still raging although most of the people here no longer wears mask. I myself also here no longer wear mask in buying some basic ingredients in Sari-sari store.  We might get used on the Pandemic but really we do wear mask on going to church to malls and others.  For the past 2 years, my children, they are all teenagers now they are having an online class.  Its sad but we have to deal with the reality that Pandemic really affects most of our lives. 

My father passed away last 3 Nov 2021. I posted an entry a day after we laid him to rest but I didnt manage to finish what I was writing. Its painful to recall and I occasionally cry even to this day. I have some dreams of him on the old house we have in the barrio. I really miss my father I still do. I have also reviewed some of the events that have transpired during his on and off on the hospital and I have entries here for that too.  Painful to read them but the reality really sets in. He is no longer with us and I have to deal with it. 

Few days also the elections here happened. I have chosen to be one of the "Kakampinks" as they belong to those what I believe. The other candidate which happened to be also my fathers choice when he is alive is the winner and he got it on victory/landslide. I have to accept it as its the choice of the majority but I would just like to say that I will be more vigilant on the next days and years of him serving my country. 

Last December 2019, I have managed to start our own company but then that was aborted due to some external factors. We have chosen a project to work on certain banks here but in the end I was the one left dealing on working and finishing the project. I have a deadline that I need to deliver this Monday (16 May 2022) and I'm sure I will do that. I felt discourage but I need to move forward also as I have started another company with few new friends.  This new set of friends is very enthusiastic on this projects and endeavor of us. I was telling them that they dont stop working on their dreams of this software company although myself is somehow adamant and a bit discourage because of what happened to my last endeavor before this company of us we started.

My wife is also having his thyroid also benign is still bulging on her neck. I am looking forward to see her healed and she is scheduled to be checked by my Doc this Monday or the next day. I am scared of her condition and I really do pray for the healing of her sickness. 

My widowed mother is also scheduled to get her Survivorship card on GSIS which is also we have been waiting for quite some time. My mother said that she didnt like me sacrifice my time for her as I still have my work. I said to her that I will still do that as I served also my father. I dont want to miss those times that she needs also my help. Both of them, my father and mother, help me to what I am enjoying right now. I felt that I need to help them also and I will miss helping them once they are no longer here

Missing someone is painful and really I have to deal with that. There are people who are no longer here and I am praying for the repose of their soul. 

Please pray with me :

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

God bless us all. 

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