My friend is about to go a major operation on his head for the accident related injury he suffers for quite some time. He looks skinny now because he lacks appetite anymore for eating. The operation schedule is about to happen on Thursday, 02 June 2022. I am a bit scared as this is a major surgery.  He still cracks some jokes though and he is still lively today. He goes earlier for a break as he already asked permission to his bosses. I'm praying for the success of the operation. 

Upon reflection on that, myself cannot crack a joke if that happens to me. I will be sad, or it might be I'm afraid that the only option if failure happens is I'm going forever. I dont see that feeling of being afraid when he was cracking a joke earlier, or its just maybe a defense mechanism that he is manifesting.  It might be just me or my belief that most of us are afraid of letting go and saying goodbye forever to our love ones. There might be some of the regrets and disappointments that we feel and need to be resolved before waving a final. 

But I think thats life,  and I think I have just to accept that whenever things or events wont go as I expected them to happen, only the Maker knows what is the best. Let Him be the final decider of what might happend and as long as I did all my best on my side, I still have my prayer on the hope that all things will still go for the best of everyone. 

A years before same month today, with my father we were scheduled for a blood transfusion as the Doc told me that my father really needs it as his blood is a bit dirty and might endanger my father. I've left my father on the receiving area as I have to pay first on the hospital cashier before we were going to be admitted. When I return the attending nurses on the receiving area told me why I left my father over there as he has a difficulty of urinating, and that left a messy receiving area as my father hardly find a place to pee. I pity on that event but I explained I still have to pay over the counter.  

While waiting for my father to be transferred to the room alloted for him, I explained to my father that those people I know that acting like him, having difficulty and having a muscle swelling like he was experiencing that time, are in really great danger and have there time were already being counted for.  One of the guy I know suffers only a week. I know its difficult for me to say this but I need my father to know what he is facing at that time. 

Its just been lucky for my family that my father overcome almost the weeks of having him and we still celebrated his 83th birthday last September 26, 2021. Sadly he passed away on 3 Nov 2021  

Saying goodbye is really difficult and heart breaking for us. But we need to face it as that is the reality. 

My friend who is about to have a surgery is still on the positive side though and I am praying for the success of his operation.  God bless everyone. 

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