30th day of May. Last day of the month of May 2022. 

I'm almost through with my task on this project on this Bank. I have been waiting here, sitting occasionaly doing some task to fixed those complaints by the auditor that evaluates the software I've built. Sitting here in the cubicle with occasional yawn, I think I am really not fit for the cubicle job. I have observed it way back 2013 in Malaysia where I have sit and do and wait for the end of day bell or indicate that the working hour of my day have ended. 

I like to work but not on the cubicle. For almost 15 years of working as telecommuter, "work-from-home" they say, I always prefer working at home. At home you can decide which food to cook, which vegetable to mix and what time will you be stopping and resting for work. That was what they are doing when we were in quarantine period, way back 2020 when the pandemic started. I have been doing that for the past 13 years and still up to this day. 

One of my colleague before decided to build our own company and got some project. When the project go sideways and goes down unexpectedly I was the one left to pick up the pieces and finish the contract for this project. I pity myself that I was the one handling this but God knows how much I sacrifice to have this finished. I am not perfect worker or programmer but I dont backdown, and left my commitments and responsibility. I will finish what I have started always. 

To this day, though there is already a demand letter regarding this job for me to finish. I believe that this will be done sooner. 

God bless and please do pray for me. 

Posted by kadjo on May 30, 2022 at 01:33 PM | Add a Comment
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