Good morning, today is 4 April 2019, feast of St. Isidore, the last of the Latin Fathers whom the writings for us and our future are so gold that endures upto this moment. In 1997, Pope Saint John Paul II named him the Patron Saint of the Internet.

I like the story at the last moment of St. Isidore as Archbishop of Seville, Spain. He was in his 70s when died four years after the death of Mohammad in Saudi Arabia. There was a strong campaign to both Christian and Muslim before. 75 years after the death of St. Isidore and Mohammad, the campaign on Muslim sides took a toll by dominating the former Christian regions in North Africa from Egypt, Libya,  Algeria and Morocco, - of course , these were modern names, they have different names before. They are now crossing the Strait of Gibraltar and going to Europe starting with Spain. Centuries later (1492), the spanish reconquest of their former Christian dominated place, the last stronghold Granada fell and was return to Christianity.  The conquest was drove strongly by faith not by patriotism. You will see that both believe they were right. To quote " In the end, the nation St. Isidore created was the stronger and drove Mohammed’s heirs back over the waters to Africa. St. Isidore’s enormous legacy was a Catholic nation, and it prevailed".

I am thankful for St. Isidore today, thanks for the gift of faith, without him there wont be a Catholic faith brought here in Philippines.

Todays Gospel is about our Lord Jesus Christ as a testimony of His Fathers love. Its not about His miracles for some of those who witness personally there during His time remained stubborn enough refusing to believe His Divinity.  It is His pureness on His love towards us, - His humble and genuine love for us.

May we also in return offer ourselves genuinely for others and be a witness being a Christian to the world. Like St. Isidore also, may we shine brightly and our witnessing bring forth a great nation a great world in preparation for His glory.

God blesses us all.

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