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I have 2 books here written by the man of God, the late father Frank Mihalic. He is a priest same with father Mario Rasonabe congregation in Papua New Guinea. I've heard from my friends there that father Mihalik used to live in Madang University campus in Madang. Its a bit refreshing in all those years, I remember our community way back then in PNG, those who live once there, some of my friends also even passed away, those were the years where I encounter the sense of community of people living in prayer. Life as an overseas worker is difficult but having them meeting them along the way makes you think you still have some people with you who will walk with you in prayer life.

The story of ascencion of our Lord should give as a sense of joy despite of difficulties in life. And He really has ascended and prepare our place. It is up to us to claim it and continue living in His grace and prayerful life, and follow all of His will.  Each of us have our on crosses to carry. I hope that by sharing, all of us knows that He has walk in this life and will walk with us in our life especially in our difficulties. He is aware of that and he felt what we have felt when we felt hopeless.   

I've read the book i've bought whenever i see it on my shelf. Heres one of the story in the book "1000 stories you can use" of father Mihalik:


A little boy always wanted to visit the place where heaven and earth meet. He could see it quite plainly from his mothers cottage and he thought the place where heaven canme down to earth must be very beautiful.

With his eyes fixed on the horizon, the "meeting place of heaven and earth", he began, one day to walk. He walked on and on until he became very tired. He found himself in the valley where the horizon lay hidden from view. A cottage was near, and woman was tanding in the door. He told her of his quest, and she pointed out a house not so very far awway.

"There it si ", she said, "only hurry; it will soon be dark." He hurried on and was soom climbing the hill that led to his own home. And there in the doorway was his mother waving him a greeting.

"My own home," he thought to himself, "the place where heaven and earth meet".

God blesses us all.

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